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Helping Accident Victims For Over 50 Years

Simpson, Thomas & Associates (formerly Simpson & Company) have been helping the victims of car accidents for 50 years.

With offices in Burnaby, Delta/Surrey, Abbotsford, and Vancouver, we offer free consultations in all languages. There are no legal fees or disbursements unless your case is successful.  We continue to offer some of the lowest contingency fee rates in British Columbia.


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Is the Protection that Bike Helmets Provide Enough to Prevent a Brain Injury?

September 29, 2021

In the light of “Go By Bike” week in BC, our personal injury lawyers at Simpson Thomas & Associates want to remind cyclers of the importance of wearing adequate protective gear while cycling BC roads.

Recent analyses show that in Canada, 73% of fatal cycling events were attributed to collisions with a motor vehicle, while the rest were attributed to collisions with another cyclist or a stationary object. In addition, 7,500 cyclists are also seriously injured in Canada each year, with many suffering from moderate to severe brain injuries.

World-wide studies have routinely shown that wearing a bicycle helmet properly is associated with a reduced risk of fractures, severe brain injuries, and fatal head injuries.…

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Can Your Social Media Posts Be Used Against You in Your Personal Injury Claim?

September 14, 2021

Social media posts can be used against you in your personal injury claim. Once you start a personal injury action, the defendant—usually an insurance company backed by a team of adjusters, investigators, and resources—will hunt for any evidence to cast doubt on your claim. Photos, videos, and comments posted to your social media accounts may be relied on by the defendant to show that you were not seriously injured. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to push back against that evidence.

How Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You

Regardless of how you were injured (e.g. car accident, slip and fall accident) to succeed in your claim, you will need to prove the type of injuries you sustained and how the injuries are impacting your life.…

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