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Helping Car Accident Victims For 50 Years

Simpson, Thomas & Associates (formerly Simpson & Company) have been helping the victims of car accidents for 50 years.

With offices in Burnaby, Delta/Surrey, Abbotsford, and Vancouver, we offer free consultations in all languages. There are no legal fees or disbursements unless your case is successful.  We continue to offer some of the lowest contingency fee rates in British Columbia.


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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? How Can They Help You?

July 20, 2021

If you have been injured in an accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to protect your legal interests and work hard to ensure you recover total compensation for your injuries and losses. If you are hesitant about contacting a lawyer or simply want to be better informed, read our top benefits of having a PI lawyer below.

Here are some of the ways a personal injury lawyer can help you:

Legal Strategy: Your personal injury lawyer will be there for you at each step of your claim, starting with meeting with you to assess your injuries and discuss all your options.…

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What Does the Recent Constitutional Challenge to the CRT Mean for ICBC claims?

July 6, 2021

On April 1, 2019, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) was given the responsibility of adjudicating important motor vehicle accident injury disputes. The power to decide significant issues such as your entitlement to no-fault accident benefits, whether your injury is a “minor injury” subject to the cap on non-pecuniary damages,  determinations of fault and damages for personal injury claims of $50,000 or less was given to the CRT.

Critical Problems with the CRT Scheme

Reliance on the mostly online CRT to resolve personal injury disputes was a very significant change in how personal injury claims should be decided. No other province in Canada uses such a scheme.…

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