• broken glass bullet shot

    Assault & Battery Claims Explained

    Physical assaults happen in all kinds of situations. An attack at a sporting event, domestic violence, bar fights, and use of excessive force by a security guard or police officer are common examples. A victim of assault can suffer serious …

  • woman spills coffee on white tshirt while driving

    Can You Sue Over Spilling a Hot Drink?

    Hot drink lawsuits have gotten a bad reputation since the headline-grabbing McDonald’s coffee case from the US, Liebeck v. McDonald’s. Some scoff at these types of personal injury claims, branding them frivolous, but the reality is that hot beverages can …

  • brain injury awareness month canada

    How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Brain Injury Victims

    Our lawyers have helped many accident victims who suffered a brain injury after a negligent or wrongful act get the settlement they need to rebuild their lives after injury. We understand the complex, challenging, and life-changing event of suffering a …

  • two coworkers speaking badly about a third coworker in an office

    What is Defamation?

    If you use any social media platform or watch any news show, you have probably heard about a famous Hollywood defamation lawsuit, Depp vs. Heard. Where actor Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, over an op-ed she

  • couple taking photo of food at restaurant

    Read This If You Find a Foreign Object in Your Food

    Finding a foreign object in your food is not only unappealing, but it can also cause serious physical and psychological harm. This incident can lead to a complex personal injury claim that may involve long-lasting medical care and other expenses. …

  • concerned woman and partner

    Can You Sue Over Anxiety or Depression After An Accident?

    Accidents do not only leave physical scars; emotional distress after an accident or other harmful or neglectful incidents can also leave their mark and take a toll on the accident victim. Good news is that, if you have been injured …