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    Top 5 Car Accident Myths

    There are many misconceptions when it comes to car accident injuries, ICBC claims, and personal injury lawsuits in BC. Here are the top five car accident myths and the facts you should know to protect yourself and your legal rights …

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    When Can I Make an ICBC Claim?

    BC residents often feel uncertain about their rights and options when it comes to ICBC claims. If you have been injured in BC motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to bring both a personal injury compensation claim (also known …

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    Top 10 Tips For Staying Safe When Cycling on BC Roads

    Summer is peak cycling season in BC. Whether you cycle for recreation, exercise, or to commute to and from work or school, bike safety is essential to avoiding accidents and injuries. Here are our top 10 tips for staying safe …

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    What Covid-19 Teaches Us About Those Living With a Brain Injury

    At first blush, COVID-19 and brain injury seem to have little in common. The reality is that some aspects of life during the coronavirus pandemic mirror what it is like to live with the lasting effects of a brain injury. …

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    What Brain Injury Support Groups Are Available to Me During COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us physically apart, but BC brain injury support groups continue to bring people together, albeit in new ways.

    What are Brain Injury Support Groups?

    Brain injury support groups are available for people with traumatic brain …

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    Can You Tell If Someone Has a Brain Injury?

    June is Brain Injury Awareness month in Canada.  The purpose of Brain Injury Awareness Month is to promote injury prevention and increase understanding of the effects of an acquired brain injury. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of a brain …