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Family lawyer discussing case with client.

What makes for a good family lawyer?

September 22, 2023

There is so much at stake when your relationship breaks down. Parenting, child support, spousal support, division of property and debt, and family violence are just some of the issues that can arise. When you are in the midst of a separation or divorce, it is difficult to know what steps to take. A good family lawyer will guide you through the process, protecting you and your legal rights and helping you achieve a fair resolution.

What does a family law lawyer do?

What your family lawyer does for you depends on your unique needs and the family law issues you are facing. That being said, all good family law lawyers will do these things:

  • Listen to your situation
  • Explain your rights and how the law applies
  • Help you understand all available options
  • Advise you on the best strategy to resolve your family law problems.

So, for example, your family lawyer can help you by negotiating a separation agreement to resolve your family law issues. Your lawyer can also help you explore alternative options such as mediation or collaborative divorce to reach an agreement. If it is not possible to resolve your family law issues out-of-court, your family lawyer will present your best case in a family court action so that a judge can make a decision.

What qualities should your family law lawyer have?

A good family lawyer knows the law and has courtroom experience to back it up. Beyond knowledge of the law and litigation experience, your family lawyer should be compassionate, friendly, and available to take your calls and emails. Communication between you and your lawyer is of vital importance in family law matters. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you have a meeting or phone call with prospective lawyers before deciding which lawyer to hire.

Some family law firms may offer a free initial consultation for this purpose. Family law deals with sensitive and important personal matters. Your family lawyer should be forthright with you about the strengths of your case as well as any potential risks. After the initial consult, consider whether you felt comfortable sharing information with the lawyer. Consider whether the lawyer was patient, listened to you when you explained your concerns, and took the time to explain the law and your options.

How do you know if your family law lawyer is good?

Your subjective impression of the lawyer is extremely important. But there are also objective ways to know if your family lawyer is good. Does a friend or family member recommend the lawyer? Are online reviews from past clients favorable? Is the lawyer respected in the legal community? Hear what others have to say about the lawyer, and trust your instincts.

If you are looking for a caring and assertive family law lawyer, please contact Simpson Thomas & Associates today to schedule your initial consultation.

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