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victory in British Columbia

Celebrating a Major Victory: British Columbians’ Rights Upheld

May 13, 2023

At Simpson Thomas and Associates, we are happy to share a significant victory for injured individuals in British Columbia. The BC Court of Appeal has made a key ruling. They upheld a decision from the Supreme Court of BC. This decision struck down a rule about the recovery of payments. This significant change brings hope to many who suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Notably, these accidents occurred before the introduction of no-fault auto insurance.

Understanding the Impact:

The court’s decision recognizes the uneven harm caused by the 6% cap on successful plaintiffs’ payments recovery. It is a triumph for the rights of injured British Columbians who have faced obstacles in accesing fair compensation. The rigid nature of the cap created a system that favored high-income earners over low-income earners, the young over the old, and the healthy over the disabled.

The Power of Judicial Discretion:

During the events, an example was often cited. It involved a neurosurgeon and a nurse. Both were injured in the same accident. Both suffered identical injuries. The neurosurgeon could prove their injuries more effectively. As a result, they received greater damages. This example underscored the need for judicial discretion in evaluating claims. The court’s decision to strike down the cap was pivotal. It stressed the need to consider each case’s unique circumstances. This approach fosters a fairer and more equitable system.

Advocacy for a Fair System:

Simpson Thomas and Associates would like to express our gratitude to Gib van Ert and Aubin Calvert, who provided exceptional advocacy on behalf of TLABC during the appeal. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in achieving this momentous outcome. We also extend our thanks to the members and supporting firms whose contributions to the PAC fund made it possible to initiate the legal challenge and carry out the appeal.

The Importance of Community Support:

This victory highlights the strength of united efforts. It also underlines TLABC’s dedication through legal representation. Their aim is to positively affect the lives of British Columbians. The win also stresses the ongoing need to question the province’s no-fault auto insurance policy. It’s vital to ensure people can access a just and balanced system. This system should protect their rights and overall well-being.

Moving Forward:

Simpson Thomas and Associates remains dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals in our community. We offer a wide range of legal services, including personal injury, family law, immigration, real estate, employment law, and insurance denials. Our experienced team of lawyers is committed to providing exceptional representation and support to those in need.

The recent decision by the BC Court of Appeal to strike down the regulation limiting disbursement’s recovery is a monumental victory for injured British Columbians. It affirms the need for a fair and equitable system that considers the unique circumstances of each case. At Simpson Thomas and Associates, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fighting for the rights and well-being of all individuals in our community.

About Simpson Thomas and Associates:

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The firm is active in various practice areas. Namely, personal injuryfamily lawimmigrationemployment lawestate litigation, and insurance denials.

STA commits to serving the community with its legal expertise. Also, actively support causes that enhance the well-being of individuals and families.


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