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Youth Mental Health: STA’s Initiative in Raising Funds

May 23, 2023
A Night to Remember: The Coming Together Gala

The Coming Together Gala was a night to remember in Surrey, British Columbia. This event was not only entertaining, but it also raised funds for mental health awareness among youth and kids. Significantly, it was great to see so many people from our community come together to support this cause. This included politicians, athletes, business owners, and media personalities.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns

Mental health issues are a pressing concern in our province, with many children and youth affected. Importantly, according to a report by the Canadian Mental Health Association, about 3.5% of young people in BC experience depression. Depression can impact a young person’s attitudes and emotions. It may cause them to feel unusually sad or irritated for over two weeks. Consequently, this is an alarming statistic that cannot be ignored. It’s crucial to do more, ensuring children and youth have the necessary support and resources to tackle these issues.

Our Commitment to Community Wellness

Simpson, Thomas, and Associates, with over 50 years of service, understands community wellness and mental health’s importance. We offer a range of legal services, including personal injury, family law, immigration, real estate, and insurance denials. Moreover, our commitment to the community goes beyond our legal services. Supporting mental health programs and organizations like the Kidsplay Foundation is vital. It helps create a healthier and happier community.

Supporting Mental Health Programs

The Coming Together Gala was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and funds for mental health programs. We must keep supporting organizations like the Kidsplay Foundation. This ensures our children and youth get the help they need. By collaborating, we can build a community prioritizing mental health. In such a community, everyone can access necessary resources. This enables all to live happy, healthy lives.

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Youth Mental Health: STA's Initiative in Raising Funds

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