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Victims of the Abbotsford Wedding Case represented by Simpson Thomas & Associates.

Abbotsford Wedding Case: Complex Personal Injury Litigation

December 11, 2013

Simpson Thomas & Associates represented numerous victims in the tragic “Abbotsford Wedding Case.” This case had multiple victims. ICBC heavily challenged the responsibility or fault for the accident.

In September 2010, a two-month trial had been set to address the responsibility issue. However, all parties chose to settle instead. According to LINK sources from the victims’ families, this agreement was the best choice. It helped both the plaintiffs and the defendants, avoiding a lengthy, complex legal battle. One family member from the Abbotsford Wedding Case mentioned, “It’s one of the largest settlements of its kind.” He chose to remain anonymous.

Anthony Thomas led a highly skilled legal team for the Abbotsford Wedding Case. They argued and established liability for this accident. Hiring engineers for accident reconstruction and medical experts to validate damages required significant funds. Only a seasoned and resourceful law firm like Simpson Thomas & Associates could handle such intricate cases.

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