Head and Brain Injury

The team at Simpson, Thomas and Associates often act as brain injury lawyers for clients who need representation as a result of an accident or negligent act. As a legal firm with  50 years of experience in personal injury, we work to ensure clients get the best medical treatment and fair compensation for sustained injuries.

Broadly speaking, brain injuries can be subcategorized into ‘mild’ (mTBI) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

A mild traumatic brain injury (“mTBI”) can often occur in motor vehicle accidents. While the name includes the word ‘mild,’ this is only relative to a full-blown traumatic brain injury. Mild traumatic brain injuries can still have severe consequences. A mild traumatic brain injury can happen even if you do not strike your head or lose consciousness. In some cases, the sudden jarring or whiplash effect of an accident is sufficient to cause a mild traumatic brain injury. In most cases, those who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury go on to a full recovery, but for the unfortunate few, the symptoms can last indefinitely, and leave a devastating impact.

The symptoms of mTBI can be subtle and difficult to detect, even to those close to the injured party. Signs or symptoms include personality change, irritability, mood swings and loss of emotional control, apathy or lack of motivation, poor memory, forgetfulness, poor concentration, word finding problems, and difficulties planning and organizing (executive functions).

A traumatic brain injury is a severe blow to the head which results in penetration of the brain which interrupts brain functions. The effects of a traumatic brain injury are life changing and many people may need to re-learn basic functions like how to walk and talk. The rehabilitation team may include physiotherapists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, psychologists or neuropsychologists, speech/language therapists, case managers, and vocational consultants. Recovery can be a long, frustrating process.

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Dealing with a brain injury claim can be complex and challenging. Beyond negotiating a claim, a good brain injury lawyer acts as an advocate, securing the best treatment and compensation necessary to expedite recovery. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, contact Simpson Thomas & Associates. We charge no legal fees or disbursements unless your case is successful.

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If an accident has resulted in mobility issues, one of our experienced brain injury lawyers will come to you. To learn more, request a free consultation or call (604) 689-8888.

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