ICBC Investigation of Injury Claims

ICBC Investigators

ICBC will frequently hire investigators to carry out investigations to learn more about you and uncover evidence they can use to defend your claim.  This will include interviewing co-workers or neighbors, video surveillance, even investigating your computer or social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. ICBC will often seek a court order requiring you to disclose all of your Facebook profile, including private messages and photographs. While we fight ICBC on these applications, you should assume that anything on Facebook could show up in court.

For ICBC, the purpose of the investigations is to undermine your credibility, find witnesses who will say negative things about your injuries or activities, or learn what you are up to or saying to others in cyberspace.  For example, video footage may show you doing things that are at odds with what you say about your injuries and functional restrictions.  Neighbors or co-workers may say they have observed little or no signs of injury and see you doing all your old activities (when you say otherwise). Photos or text posted by you or about you on social media websites may be damaging as well.

Establishing the Validity of ICBC Claims

ICBC does not conduct investigations on all claimants as the costs would be excessive.   However, if it is a major injury, the claimant has been off work for a long time, or ICBC has concerns about the validity of a claim, there is a good chance they will hire an investigator.

It can be unsettling to think ICBC may have hired an investigator to follow you around, but there is really nothing that can be done about it.  The best advice is to be mindful that anything you say or do could come to ICBC’s attention, so act accordingly.

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