ICBC Housekeeping Benefits

IMPORTANT:  If your accident occurred on or after April 1, 2019 the following may or may not apply.

What Are Housekeeping Benefits?

These benefits compensate homemakers who normally perform all or the majority of their household chores, but are unable to continue to do so following the accident. If you are substantially and continuously disabled from regularly performing most of your household chores because of your accident injuries, you may be entitled to housekeeping benefits. To qualify for housekeeping benefits, your injuries must manifest themselves and become disabling within the first 20 days after the accident. Also, those injuries must be a direct result of the accident.

How Much Does ICBC Pay for Housekeeping Benefits?

These benefits cover up to $145/week in housekeeping expenses, and you must provide receipts. However, you cannot hire a family member, unless that family member lives outside the home and does not normally help with your household chores.

When Can I Receive Housekeeping Benefits?

Benefits are not payable for the first week following the accident, but starting on the 8th day, they are payable. Benefits continue as long as you are substantially disabled from housekeeping, until you turn 65. ICBC has the right to review these benefits every 12 months. This includes the right to have you attend an examination with ICBC’s medical advisor.

What are the Restrictions?

Any government program or private insurance plan that provides for housekeeping services must be exhausted before claiming ICBC benefits, although if the non-ICBC benefits cover less than $145/week in expenses, the top-up amount can be submitted to ICBC. CPP disability benefits are one example of a program that must be exhausted before housekeeping benefits will be paid.

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