Applying for ICBC Benefits

IMPORTANT:  If your accident occurred on or after April 1, 2019 the following may or may not apply.

ICBC benefits cover medications, medical treatments (subject to a user fee), lost income (up to $300/week) and housekeeping expenses.

There are three steps whenever you apply for ICBC Benefits:

  1. Notify ICBC of the Accident. (Ideally within 24 hours)
  2. Give a statement describing the Accident. (Within 30 days of the accident)
  3. Submit a claim form to ICBC (CL22). (Within 90 days of the accident)

Keep in mind that your statement and any other forms submitted to ICBC can be used against you in your future claim. In fact, the application benefit form (CL22) includes this warning:

This information will be used primarily in the evaluation and settlement of your current claim.

There is also the possibility it will be referenced on future claims you may have. Questions about the collection or use of personal information should be directed to your adjuster.

For this reason, we always advise our clients to come see us before giving a statement or completing the CL22 or any other ICBC form.

What if I Don’t Comlete the Steps in Time?

While failure to complete these steps on time may limit your claim to ICBC benefits, it is often possible to activate your benefits even if you complete one or more steps after the deadline, but it is important to act quickly. You should contact us right away.

What Other Steps do I Have to Take to Apply for ICBC Benefits?

If you require medical treatment or prescription medications, you need a doctor’s note. You submit a copy to ICBC along with the receipts for the treatment or medications. Most physiotherapist and other treatment providers are able to bill ICBC directly, just give them the note and your claim number.

If you are applying for wage replacement (often referred to as TTDs), you must provide proof of earnings for all paid positions you held in the 12 months preceding the accident, as well as a doctor’s note stating that you are disabled from working.

What if I Have Private Insurance?

You are generally required to exhaust your private insurance before claiming benefits from ICBC. You also must claim government benefits such as Employment Insurance or CPP disability.

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