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Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Winter and How to Prevent Them

January 13, 2022

Winter can be a dangerous season as temperatures begin to drop. Injuries, hospitalizations, and liability claims increase in winter months due to certain common accidents. So what are these common accidents? And most importantly, what are the steps you can take to prevent them?.

What Are the Most Common Accidents Personal Injury Lawyers See In Winter?

The increase in personal injury claims in winter is related to the harsher weather. Snow, ice, and rain can create treacherous conditions. Shorter, darker days during the winter season increase the challenges by reducing visibility. The most common accidents personal injury lawyers see in winter are:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents.
  2. Slip and fall injuries and other pedestrian accidents.
  3. Outdoor sports and recreational activity accidents (e.g., skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tubing).

While those are the most common winter accidents, personal injury lawyers tend to see an increase in other specific injury claims around this time of year. Examples include social host liability claims arising from holiday parties, snowmobile accident claims, and claims due to burns caused by space heaters and fires.

Preventing Accidents In Winter Behind The Wheel

Proper vehicle maintenance is the first step to preventing accidents in winter. Winter tires are a must. Take your vehicle for service at the start of the season to ensure wipers, brakes, lights, etc. are in good working order. Then, each time you are going to get behind the wheel, check the weather and plan the safest route. Leave yourself enough time to get where you need to go without rushing. Many winter accidents are caused by driving too fast for weather conditions or following too closely. If the weather is particularly bad, don’t drive at all if you can avoid it.

Preventing Accidents In Winter As A Pedestrian

Slip and fall accidents can happen either indoors or outdoors due to winter weather. Parking lots, public sidewalks, and private walkways can be icy or snow-covered. Floors inside malls, stores, restaurants, and private homes can also be slippery due to rain or melted snow. Injuries to ankles and wrists are common, as are head injuries such as concussions. To reduce the risk of such injuries, slow down while on foot and wear proper footwear for the weather. Avoid using your phone while walking so you aren’t distracted. Whenever possible, stick to roads, sidewalks, and floors that have been well-maintained (that is, clear of snow, ice and water; salted or sanded; and well-lit).

Preventing Recreational Accidents In Winter

Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, skating, and tobogganing are a lot of fun—but can also be very risky. Outdoor winter activities can cause serious personal injuries, including broken bones and brain injuries. To prevent injuries, wear properly fitted protection gear (including a helmet where required). Stay in groups and dress appropriately for the weather. Know and follow applicable safety guidelines and stay in-bounds if you are at a commercial or public recreation space.

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