Experience Matters

ICBC Claim Results: Experience Matters

Since 1970, Simpson Thomas & Associates (formerly Simpson & Company), has exclusively represented the injured victims of motor vehicle accidents. Many of these people suffered from catastrophic injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, quadriplegia, paraplegia, or the tragic death of a family member.

We have successfully resolved over 1,000 major loss cases.

Your Care & Recovery

While working with medical experts to ensure you are receiving the best care and rehabilitation, your legal team at Simpson Thomas & Associates also works to maximize your ICBC claim for damages.  Our legal team has extensive experience in handling ICBC cases where a major loss or catastrophic life altering injury has occurred.

Mr. Simpson has travelled to other parts of the world including India, Korea, and numerous states in the US to ensure that our clients receive the best possible rehabilitation and treatment.

At Simpson Thomas & Associates, we work closely with the injured victims and their families, to ensure a complete understanding of the unique circumstances of each case.

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