Changing ICBC Lawyers

If you are unhappy with your legal representation, you have the right to change ICBC lawyers. However, before doing so, it is worthwhile to at least meet with your lawyer to try and address your concerns.

Often, the problem stems from a lack of communication, miscommunication, or disagreement over the lawyer’s advice or opinions about the case. Usually, a meeting will clear the air and the problem will be solved. Sometimes, however, the relationship is beyond repair and the client is determined to find another lawyer.

Changing ICBC Lawyers During a Claim

Switching ICBC lawyers in the middle of an ICBC claim can be a little complicated because most lawyers handle such cases on a contingency fee basis. This means their entitlement to fees only accrues once the case is concluded. So, if a lawyer is fired before completion, the question arises as to how, and when, the discharged lawyer gets paid for services rendered and disbursements incurred. The usual practice in B.C. is for the new lawyer and former lawyer to agree on a fee split after the case is done and the amount of the award is known.

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