Specialized Medical Advice

Depending on your symptoms and the course of recovery, you may require specialized medical advice.

This step is usually taken after you have exhausted the primary treatment options such as physiotherapy and active rehabilitation and you have had little or no improvement for an extended period, typically more than two years.

If your family doctor believes you would benefit from an assessment from a specialist, he or she will arrange an appointment directly (i.e. without our involvement). If the specialist agrees that your injuries are within his or her specialty, then you may have multiple appointments with the same specialist. This specialist will generally prepare a consultation report that is forwarded to your family doctor and will form part of your medical record.

A second category of specialist appointment is the medical-legal examination. This is a single appointment for the purpose of assessing your injuries as they relate to your ICBC claim. We will discuss a medical-legal examination with you if it is appropriate for your claim. ICBC can also require you to attend medical-legal examinations under certain circumstances, and we will guide you through this process. The report is provided to the lawyer who arranged the appointment and does not form part of your medical record.

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