At the Accident

Being in a car accident is stressful and in many cases disabling.  Our main concern at STA is your health and rehabilitation.

It is important that you take the following steps to obtain the information necessary for your personal injury collision claim.  

1. If Someone is Badly Injured or the Other Driver is not Cooperating, Call 911

If the police attend make sure you take a card from the officer who helps you so you have his name and contact information.

2. Get the Plate Number of the Other Vehicle

If you have a phone, use it to take a picture!  Paper can get lost, and the other driver could leave the scene.

3. Get the Driver’s Name and Driver’s License Number

The easiest way to get this is by taking a photo of the person’s driver’s license.  If you can’t do that, take the time to write it all down and put the paper in a safe place.

4. Owner’s Name and Insurance Coverage

This information will be on the registration papers.  Ask the other driver to see the papers and take a photo of them.  The owner’s information is important because if you need to bring a claim, it will be against the owner AND the driver.

5. Name and Contact Details of all Witnesses

We often have clients tell us there were witnesses but the police do not have any record of them on file.  If the witness is a bus driver, you must take down the full name and the identification number of the bus (the route number is NOT enough).

6. Note the Time of Accident and Weather Conditions

It is important for you to note the location of the accident, the time and weather conditions i.e. clear, dark, raining etc. and if there are any traffic cameras.

7. Take Photos of Vehicles

It is best to do this at the scene of the accident, especially if it is a hit and run.

8. Take Photos of Accident Location

This includes the intersection and traffic lights. You will need details of the exact location of the accident (street name, number, etc.) and you should take photos of any problems with the road like potholes, lights not working, etc.

9. Call ICBC to Report the Accident

The 24/7 ICBC dial-a-claim reporting line is 604-520-8222 for the Lower Mainland and 1-800-910-4222 for the rest of BC, Canada, and the US.  When you speak to ICBC, do NOT admit fault. Let that be determined at a later date.

10. Hire a Personal Injury/ICBC Lawyer

Call 604-689-8888 or 1-800-668-3788 to speak to request a free legal consultation with STA lawyers. It is important to protect your legal rights.  After an accident, ICBC will call you and ask lots of questions, or they may meet you to take a claim statement. You may be asked if you suffered any injuries; do not say you are fine.  ICBC may later use anything you have said against you.  Be aware that your call will be recorded.  If you have a lawyer, ICBC is not allowed to talk to you.  Your lawyer at Simpson, Thomas & Associates will represent you to the ICBC and it will not be necessary for you to have direct contact with the ICBC.

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