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How Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Ensure I Get the Care I Need After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Coping with significant car accident injuries while dealing with ICBC can be a challenge. You want to be able to focus on recovery, getting back to work, and resuming normal life as much as possible. For that reason, there are many benefits of having a personal injury lawyer to handle your ICBC claim. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights, ensure limitation periods are not missed, deal with the insurance claims paperwork and ICBC adjusters, push back against unfavourable fault determinations, and work hard to maximize the compensation you receive. Beyond that, there are also treatment and rehabilitation-related benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer.

How Do Lawyers Ensure You Get Proper Post-Accident Care?

The best personal injury lawyers also act as your advocate when it comes to access to and funding for treatment. Timely treatment from the right care providers will expedite your recovery and improve your quality of life. For example, an individual who has acquired a brain injury or spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident may benefit from physiotherapy, medication, counselling, vocational rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. Car accident lawyers facilitate access to these invaluable resources. Here is how:

  1. ICBC PART 7 COVERAGE. Your personal injury lawyer will assist you with the application and coordination of coverage to fund necessary treatment through your Part 7 accident benefits claim.
  2. SPECIAL DAMAGES CLAIM. Your lawyer will ensure that you have the evidence you need to prove your claim for reimbursement of any out-of-pocket treatment or rehabilitation expenses incurred as a result of your injuries from the date of the accident to the date your claim is resolved.
  3. COMPENSATION FOR FUTURE CARE COSTS. Your lawyer will ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for ongoing medical or personal care (e.g., medication, rehabilitation therapy, housekeeping services, home modifications, and mobility enhancements). Cost of future care is often a major part of an ICBC claim, particularly if you have been seriously injured.
  4. OBTAINING EVIDENCE TO PROVE YOUR CLAIM FOR FUTURE CARE COSTS. Where necessary, your lawyer will arrange for a report from a doctor or specialist that summarizes all the expected future care expenses and links those expenses to a specific doctor’s recommendation.

Secure the Best Treatment and Compensation by Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer

Surrey/Delta, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Abbotsford office appointments are available. We can come to you or meet virtually if your injuries have restricted your mobility. Recovery and treatment is in many cases a life-long, expensive process. Contact us to request your free consultation to discuss how we can ensure that you receive financial compensation for your current and future rehabilitation needs. We have extensive experience handling all types of ICBC claims, including cases involving brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and complex personal injury claims for catastrophic injuries such as quadriplegia and paraplegia. Contact Simpson, Thomas & Associates today at (604) 689-8888 for trusted legal advice. We will help you access treatment and funding to maximize your post-accident recovery.

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