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What Brain Injury Support Groups Are Available to Me During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us physically apart, but BC brain injury support groups continue to bring people together, albeit in new ways.

What are Brain Injury Support Groups?

Brain injury support groups are available for people with traumatic brain injuries and for their family, friends, and caregivers. Coping with the symptoms and effects of a brain injury can be socially isolating, physically demanding, and emotionally draining. A good support system can make a significant difference on the road to rehabilitation and recovery. Brain injury support groups offer many potential benefits: an invaluable emotional outlet; the opportunity to learn new strategies and coping skills; and the chance to connect with other resources to promote well-being and recovery, such as rehabilitation services, educational programs, and recreation/social activities.

How Have Brain Injury Support Groups Changed During COVID-19?

Brain injury support groups typically meet in person. Due to COVID-19, many programs and brain injury support groups have shifted from in-person meetings to remote group support sessions. Online networking, teleconferences, and video conferences are being used during COVID-19 to keep people connected and ensure they get the support they need. In addition to virtual brain injury support groups, other rehabilitation programs and treatment services are being offered remotely during the pandemic. For example, many treatment providers such as physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, psychologists, counsellors, and occupational therapists have pivoted to providing virtual care, also known as “telerehabilitation” or “telehealth” services, delivered by telephone or by using approved video technology.

What Brain Injury Support Groups Are Available to me During COVID-19?

There are several regional brain injury associations across BC that offer a range of services including brain injury support groups, and each association is addressing the challenges of COVID-19 in its own way. For example, since mid-March 2020, the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association has switched from in-person to remote case management services, video conference support group meetings, and online networking options for some resources and programs.  To learn what supports are available to you during COVID-19, contact your local brain injury association (see here for a list of BC brain injury associations by region).

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