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Personal Injury Claims and the Role of an Expert Witness in Trial

Personal injury claims often have many aspects that require the opinion of an expert. Where there is an aspect of a claim that requires expert evidence, parties in the action will often retain experts to provide an opinion to assist the court with understanding a complex issue.

Expert witnesses certify that they are not advocates for any party, since their duty is to only assist the court. This means that they must give their independent and objective opinion regarding matters that fall within their expertise. They cannot be biased towards any party.

In personal injury claims, expert witnesses are often relied upon to give evidence about the nature and extent of various types of injuries that are alleged, motor vehicle accident reconstruction and economic losses.

For instance, an orthopedic surgeon you saw after your accident for an Independent Medical Examination may be called upon at trial as an expert witness to provide impartial evidence regarding the diagnosis and prognosis of your orthopedic injuries.

It is very important that your personal injury lawyer retain the proper experts to properly advocate your claim in court. The court may not consider aspects of your claim, if they do not have expert opinion evidence to assist with their understanding of these complex parts of the claim.

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