Independent Medical Examination

Why do I need to go for an Independent Medical Examination during my personal injury claim?

During your personal injury claim, you may be required to attend an Independent Medical Examination (“IME”). The lawyer for ICBC will usually require your attendance for an IME with a specific physician, at a specific date, time and location. Once the IME has been confirmed, you will have to attend. The cost of the IME will be covered by ICBC, but if you do not attend, then the late cancellation/no show fees will come out of your claim.

An IME is when a physician, with whom you do not have a prior doctor-patient relationship, examines your injuries and pain symptoms. The purpose of an IME is essentially to verify the injuries you are claiming in the lawsuit.

Prior to an IME, you will have already been examined numerous times by your family doctor, but there is a chance that they will be biased in their medical examination due to the established doctor-patient relationship. Therefore, the IME physician, who is considered to be independent, will re-evaluate your injuries. They will assess your injuries, the severity of your injuries, the impact of the injuries on your life, any limitation caused by the injuries, the relationship between the accident and the injuries, the prognosis of the injuries, and whether or not any further treatment would be recommended.

There are many types of physicians who conduct IMEs, including physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists. The physician is considered an expert witness and can be called upon to give oral evidence if the claim goes to trial.

The physician also records all the IME results into a medical legal report. This report is an important document which plays a key role in determining the compensation you get for your injuries and it can be used in court as a form of written evidence.

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