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Navigating ICBC Claims: Can I travel if I have an open claim?

As personal injury lawyers who practice exclusively in ICBC claims, many clients ask us if they can travel when they have an ongoing claim. Our advice is that you speak to your doctor about any travel plans. If your doctor tells you not to go, you may want to consider cancelling any planned trips. The reason is that if you go against the advice of your doctor, ICBC can argue that you are only suffering because you are not following medical advice.

Any costs incurred as a result of cancelling a trip can be claimed as an out of pocket expense when you settle your claim. If your doctor says you can go, get some tips from on what to do if your symptoms flare up on your trip. On long-haul trips, you might want to get some advice about what to do on the flight to prevent symptoms from flaring up. Most doctors advise clients to walk around and stretch often. Ask your treating practitioners to show you the different types of stretches you can do at your seat.

While Away

While you are away, make sure to continue to do the treatment that has been advised by your doctor. If you see any doctors, visit any hospitals, or do any treatment, make sure you obtain their records and notes before you come back, to show that you had continued to seek treatment. Do so, even if the records are in other languages as we could easily have them translated. Make sure you keep all your receipts as they can be reimbursed when you are ready to settle your case.

Always discuss with your doctor the types of activities you have planned. As long as your doctor says you have permission, then doing those activities will not hurt your claim. Make sure you are honest with ICBC about the activities that you have done because ICBC can ask for the photos from your vacation. If you were not honest, this could hurt your credibility and your case.

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