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I’ve been injured in a car accident, now what do I do?

As  car accident lawyers, we get asked what to do on a daily basis.  Our most important concern is making sure you receive the treatment and support to regain as much of original health and function as possible. But as lawyers, we also have a responsibility to build the best case for you with ICBC.

The first thing any injured person needs is medical care.  If injuries are significant, it is a good idea to go straight to the hospital.  After the hospital, or if the injuries did not require immediate attention, see a family doctor as quickly as possible to discuss your health.

It is essential your family doctor is aware of all symptoms you are experiencing. What initially seems minor could be a sign of more significant problems down the road.

The next step is to follow your doctor’s advice.  If treatment is recommended, it is imperative that best efforts are made to complete the recommended treatment.  The second purpose for seeing your doctor and completing treatment is that it helps the car accident lawyer gather evidence to support your claim.  Without doctor’s records or treatment records, it can be challenging to obtain the proper compensation for your injuries.

In the early stages following an accident, it is often difficult to determine if an injury will resolve quickly or take time.  It is best to continue to speak to your medical professionals to discuss any changes in your injuries.  This will assist in speeding up your recovery and assist in supporting your claim with the proper documentation.

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