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How does insurance coverage work with Car-Shares in BC?

In the modern era of bike lanes, expensive parking, and increasingly accessible public transit, fewer and fewer people own their own cars.  Vancouverites are now often opting for alternative arrangements to car ownership such as EVO, Car2Go, and Modo.  Before you drive one of these vehicles, it is important to understand how the insurance coverage works in case you are involved in an accident.

ICBC Coverage for Car Shares

Simpson, Thomas & Associates wants to make sure our clients understand how ICBC coverage works with the more popular car-share programs in the lower mainland.

EVO Car Share

EVO insures its vehicles up to a policy limit of $3 million with a $1,000 deductible.  If an accident is your fault, you will have to pay EVO the deductible.  EVO’s insurance does not cover you with respect to any damage caused to the EVO vehicle, regardless of whether that damage is your fault or not.  If you want “own damage coverage” you should buy extra insurance protection.

Modo Car Co-Op

Modo drivers get full collision and comprehensive coverage.  The company carries ICBC third-party liability for its fleet up to $5 million.

Car2Go Vancouver

Car2go’s insurance is lower than EVO and Modo.  They only provide insurance up to $1 million per incident.  However, car2go has a lower deductible—each member’s deductible is only $250 and, members who reach 91 trips in the calendar year will have their deductibles lowered to zero for the remainder of the year.

Two things each of these car-share programs has in common is they expect you to report all accidents immediately to them and their insurance coverage only applies if you abide by the terms and conditions of their respective contracts.

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