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ICBC Woes: What Happens if You Are Working At The Immediate Time Of The Accident?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffer a personal injury, you naturally have the right to sue the other party and claim compensation, which is most likely paid by ICBC.  You are also entitled to insurance benefits (Part 7 or No Fault) from ICBC.   However, if you were working at the time of the accident (such as being a taxi driver or a courier driver), your right to sue the other party for compensation, and collect insurance benefits from ICBC, may change.   This will depend on your personal relationship with Worksafe (formerly WCB), and also the working status of the party you were in the accident with (ie were they working when the accident happened?).   The issue is a complex one and it is highly recommended you seek legal advice immediately to discuss your options.  You will need to make decisions quickly about whether you want to pursue an ICBC or WCB claim, and once you choose one it may be difficult to change your mind later.   At Simpson Thomas & Associates, you may discuss your options with us.  We will give you our opinion on your best course of action, and if you end up going to WCB instead of making an ICBC claim through us, there is no charge to you.


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