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Bernie Simpson Authors Article for Gray Matters Newsletter

A brain injury can be a devastating and life altering diagnosis. If a client has suffered a mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) their life and the lives of their loved ones could be changed forever.

It is for this reason that obtaining the services of a lawyer with experience in TBI’s can be most challenging. First and foremost you must have a law firm that has the expertise in the area of brain injury which potentially can be far more complex than any other personal injury case.

The well-established term “the walking wounded” hides the fact that even though the client may appear and even speak and interact normally the fact is they have suffered a wound which has far reaching consequences. Careful research must be done to find the right lawyer for such a case.

See the full Simpson Thomas & Associates article in the 2013 Fall/Summer edition of the Gray Matters Newsletter. The Walking Wounded

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