Anthony Thomas, senior & founding partner, personal injury & ICBC claims lawyer at Simpson, Thomas & Associates.

Abbotsford Wedding Case: Complex Personal Injury Litigation

Simpson Thomas & Associates represented many of the victims of a tragic accident referred to as the “Abbotsford Wedding Case” which involved multiple victims. This is a case in which liability or fault for the accident was greatly disputed by ICBC.

There had been a two month trial scheduled in September 2010 for just the issue of liability but that was averted and all parties decided to come to a settlement instead, which, according to LINK sources among the victims’ families, was the best option not only for the plaintiffs but also for the defendants instead of prolonged complex legal battle. “It’s one of the largest settlements of its kind,” said one victim’s family member, who did not want his name disclosed.

It took a very experienced legal team, led by Anthony Thomas, to argue and prove liability for an accident of this nature. It required great financial resources to hire engineers for an accident reconstruction analysis and medical experts to prove damages. Only an established and experienced law firm, such as Simpson Thomas & Associates, would have the resources to litigate complex cases of this nature.

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