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You v. Leung: Orthopaedic Injuries in ICBC Injury Claim

You v. Leung

ICBC Injury Claim and Serious Orthopaedic Injuries

Dairn Shane and Stephen Ferguson were counsel in the action of You v. Leung, Vancouver Registry No: M095778. The Plaintiff in this case suffered serious orthopaedic injuries which prevented him from returning to his previous employment as a tile setter. The case proceeded before a jury and was heard over the course of 12 days. After much deliberation, the jury awarded the Plaintiff a judgment in excess of $1,300,000 (less 20% for contributory negligence) as compensation for his injuries. This judgment included an award of $300,000 for non-pecuniary damages (pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life) and $783,000 for loss of future income. The verdict was a resounding win for the Plaintiff as the award significantly beat ICBC’s pre-trial offer to settle.

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