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Mother and wife of pedestrians killed by careless driver turns to Simpson Thomas

Too often, innocent people are injured or killed by careless drivers. Not only do the victims suffer, but their families suffer too. This is the story of Melody Jewell.

Mrs. Jewell’s life was shattered when a driver ran a red light, causing a chain reaction that claimed the life of her husband Ralph and her 27-year-old daughter Laurel Wilson, who was seven months pregnant.

Laurel and Ralph were on a pedestrian island waiting to cross at the intersection of Ware Street and South Fraser Way in Abbotsford, when a truck ran a red light and collided with a Honda Prelude. The Prelude struck Laurel and Ralph, killing Laurel and mortally wounding Ralph.

Mrs. Jewell turned to Dairn Shane, a lawyer at Simpson Thomas & Associates. Mr. Shane has extensive experience litigating complex cases, including a precedent-setting Supreme Court of Canada decision in 2003.

It is impossible to obtain true justice in a tragedy like this, but Mrs. Jewell deserves to have her story heard. With Mr. Shane’s help, Mrs. Jewell can have her day in court to explain how this accident has altered her life.You can read more about this case here.

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