Chris Wiggins

"I am writing to express my appreciation for your assistance with my recent ICBC claim after my car accident in February 2013. I had full confidence in your legal expertise from the start based on what others have told me about you. However, I was concerned that my case would not be worth your time because I knew that it would not be a million-dollar settlement and the fees to your firm would pale in comparison to the many high-profile cases that you handle. Now that the case is concluded, I must say I am very impressed and touched that you were so attentive to every aspect of my claim. As a result of your hard work and expertise, I was able to receive a fair settlement. I am also grateful that you are so kind as to allocate some of the legal compensation you received from ICBC to my final settlement amount. Your professionalism and integrity is second to none. If anyone we know were ever in a situation that would benefit from your assistance, we will be more than happy to provide the referral. Thank you once again for everything you did. I wish you and your firm continued success."

Rozy Karim

"I have been an ICBC Autoplan broker for almost 25 years. I was involved in a car crash which severely which impacted my lower back and my neck . I was devastated with my injuries and had a hard time focusing on my work. I sought advice from Bernie Simpson of Simpson and Associates and was amazed at his unique approach in dealing with my injury claim. He was extremely compassionate and brilliant! His expert advice and guidance on steps to my recovery and on how to mitigate my claim enabled me to a healthy recovery whilst he dealt with my injury claim. Since then, I have recommended many of my clients to Bernie Simpson and Associates. Thank you Bernie, you are the best!!"

Darci Swinton

"After the stress of injury, I found "Simpson, Thomas, and Associates to be honest straightforward and professional. Their hard work successfully helped me through a difficult time."

Taniya Verma

"When my case had first opened I wasn't of legal age so my parents were the ones who chose Stephen Yung from Simpson Thomas & Associates. My case had taken 4 years and when I was finally able to take over for my parents and deal with my case on my own Stephen was great help. He made sure I understood what was happening and had explained everything in great detail. He was always available and made the effort of contacting me when new things arose. Stephen Yung and his legal team did a great job in looking after my needs. I would highly recommend the attorneys at Simpson Thomas & Associates to anyone having personal injury problems."

Sandra Budimac

"I am very thankful to Stephen Yung and Simpson Thomas & Associates for their hard work and dedication shown to me. Through the legal process Stephen Yung and his legal team did an exemplary job in looking after my needs. I would highly recommend the attorneys at Simpson Thomas & Associates to anyone having personal injury problems."