Javog Hothi

"Awesome people, Abby is an amazing attorney. Always does her best to stay in touch with her clients. As opposed to others who will sign you then pop it you on the back burner."

Andrii Besporstov

"Abby Pang, you done such exceptional work with my case and become for me the Golden Standard for exceptional customer service. I am foreigner in this country and was interacted with many things at the first time! I am really appreciated for your patience to answer all my 'stupid' questions. You provided me with the best strategy according my case, recommendations and information I was need it. All problems with ICBC and all my questions was solved and answered within hours. I felt safe, protected "legally" and cared!  Thank you Abby !! You are the BEST!!!"

Hyunju Kim

"I was looking for help with my car accident and I was fortunate enough to meet Cathy Rizzo and James Yun. They were very welcoming and kind to me for whatever help I needed. It was also very convenient as James spoke Korean. The whole process was very comfortable and not only business-like since it felt very human to be in contact with her. I felt cared for as a person and less like a customer, which was great for me! They also arranged doctors for me who were exceptional at their job. I loved how Cathy understood exactly what I wanted every time. I would highly recommend Cathy and James!"

Liam Hanham

"Paul Miller is a thoughtful, hardworking, and goes to bat for his clients. I highly recommend him and the Simpson Thomas team. "

E. Ng & G. Cheng

"My severely brain damaged daughter received over $5 million through a tax free structured settlement. Simpson Thomas & Associates professional legal team, headed by Anthony Thomas, put the client as priority and handle all our problems with high efficiency.  Choosing this law firm is definitely a wise decision.  We appreciate Simpson Thomas & Associates from our heart. Video testimonial"

Phil Bubis

"Simpson Thomas was a great resource and extremely helpful during a difficult time. Silvana was the Lawyer from the firm I had worked with and she was attentive, helpful, professional and extremely responsive to my needs. Silvana and her team helped to make the best out of a challenging situation. I would highly recommend this firm."

Monica Petreny

"In the days after my accident I was feeling very overwhelmed by how I was treated by the police and ICBC.  I was so upset I started googling "Hit and Run in BC” and I came across the Simpson, Thomas & Associates website. Never having gone through anything like this before, I told my husband I wanted to reach out to the firm for help and I am so VERY GLAD that I did.  From the moment I phoned, the first lady who I spoke to was so kind and understanding.  Shortly after that, a lawyer called me back promptly and then Silvana Herra guided me through to the end very kindly and patiently.  It truly meant the world to me at a time when I needed some compassion and help.  THANK YOU ALL☺"

Eun Jeong Ko

"Without Simpson Thomas & Associates, I cannot imagine how I could have gone through a lot of things which happened to me & my family after my sister’s near-fatal car accident. Simpson Thomas & Associates was not only representing my sister in court but supporting her to receive the best medical treatment. Bernie Simpson & Silvana Lovera Herra have encouraged and supported my sister to receive better treatment even after the case was settled with ICBC. My sister has been referred to the best doctors and physiotherapists by her lawyers to receive the best medical treatment that she could not receive from Fraser Health Authority. Simpson Thomas & Associates is not simply the law firm who represents clients in courts. Simpson Thomas & Associates care about their clients so they can live better lives after horrible automobile accidents. I am truly thankful for what they have been doing for my sister ever since her accident.  "


"After my motor vehicle accident in 2013, my life was filled with pain and suffering.  It was extremely difficult dealing with the insurance company to access necessary treatments for rehabilitation.  Caterina Rizzo and her team went above and beyond to help me with my recovery and to access treatments that otherwise would not be covered.  I felt confident that they were backing me up every step of the way.  They fought hard to get me the best compensation possible.  Cathy and her team went the extra mile to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions.  I felt respected and cared for.  For those in a similar situation, look no further--Cathy and her team is your answer for the best outcome possible! February, 2018    "

Jack Chung

"Stephen Yung is the most professional yet courteous lawyer I've ever had. I got a lot more compensation than I had antipated even after I initially wanted to drop my suit because of all the paper work involved. I would highly recommend him!"