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Madison Yu

I just settled my case with my lawyer Mel Chaudhary. Through the long way to settle, I have been completely confident that my case would be in good hands with Mel. I was right. My case was complicated in that my injury was virtually invisible making it hard to prove but Mel knew exactly how to handle this situation. Mel’s experience and expertise with handling head injury claims was extremely helpful. Mel is well connected with very knowledgeable medical experts. He knew exactly who to send me to for the appropriate medical legal assessments needed to prove my situation. I know that I could not have successfully settled my ICBC claim on my own and I owe many thanks to Mel for his dedication and professional work. Mel stayed very involved with my claim the whole way through. I never felt dropped, in the dark or out of the loop. In fact I felt quite the opposite. Mel always made sure to keep me well informed about my legal situation. During days that I was ill or in pain, I always knew that my legal situation was in good hands. It was evident that Mel takes his work seriously. He handled my claim in an extremely thorough manner. Mel is very knowledgeable and skilled in his field. Many thanks to Mel Chaudhary and James Yun at Simpson Thomas & Associates. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.

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