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Injured in a Hit and Run? What You Need to Know About Your ICBC Claim

August 21, 2019

Vancouver lawyers at Simpson, Thomas & Associates see firsthand the upsetting consequences of hit and run motor vehicle accidents. Accident victims may be left with serious injuries including whiplash, spinal injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. In rare but devastating cases, the accident victim is rendered quadriplegic or paraplegic as a result of a hit and run accident. While struggling to cope with their injuries, the victim of the hit and run is also burdened with trying to navigate the ICBC claims process where the at-fault driver is unidentified.

Hit and run ICBC claim: Vancouver lawyers explain the basics

A victim of a BC hit and run motor vehicle accident can bring a personal injury ICBC claim for compensation for losses up to $200,000 because of section 24 of BC’s Insurance (Vehicle) Act.

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Ask a Brain Injury Car Accident Lawyer: When Do I Have to Wear a Helmet?

August 19, 2019

The brain injury car accident lawyers at our law firm are often asked about bicycle and motorcycle helmet laws in BC. Common questions include “When do I have to wear a helmet?” and “What kind of safety helmet do I have to wear?” Let’s answer those questions and then discuss the important related issue of how the failure to wear a helmet can impact compensation in your ICBC personal injury claim.

When do I have to wear a helmet?

Safety helmet requirements are set out in BC’s Motor Vehicle Act. BC law requires that a safety helmet must be worn at all times while cycling on a public road or pathway  or while riding a motorcycle on a highway.…

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